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Doodle Breeders

Curly Tail Doodles have three beautiful breeds to choose from our reputable doodle breeder. Meet the parents of each breed below. We chose their parents very carefully to ensure that our doodle puppies will have long, happy, and healthy lives. All of our dogs are AKC registered with good health genetic testing. Our Studs are also AKC Registered with DNA and coat testing, and they have their genetic clearance. 

Doodle Breeders

The Goldendoodle Mothers

Doodle Breeders

The Bernedoodle Mothers

The Australian Shepards Mothers

Doodle Breeders

Meet the Fathers of the Puppies

Visit our Stud Service page to meet the fathers of all of our puppies. 

You are also able to use our stud service if you have a female you want to breed.
A dog stud service is when two breeders agree to lend a specific male dog, to breed it with a female dog

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